Delta deserves transparency, collaboration and innovation. 
Do you know where your tax dollars are being spent? Do you want your voice truly heard on local issues? Are you ready for innovative solutions to long-standing challenges?

Delta deserves an experienced leader that listens. 
My door will always be open to the public. The coffee is on me. Let’s make Delta better together.

Delta deserves a community that supports seniors, families and business. 
Imagine a family and senior-friendly community with vibrant town centres, safer roads and neighborhoods with a variety of housing choices for all generations.

Delta deserves a strong advocate. 
Delta’s voice must be heard on important issues such as the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the port expansion. We need to work together to ensure that our community retains its character and charm.

Delta deserves a City Hall that makes life easier. 
Doing business in Delta should not be complicated. Under Heather1s leadership, simple systems will be put in place so that citizens can provide feedback on Municipal services. After all, it1s your City Hall!

Delta deserves Heather King.

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